News: 17 November, 2014

Metito Introduces Next Generation Desalination and Water Purification Technology

Metito, the leader and provider of choice for total intelligent water management solutions in emerging markets, is set to make a significant investment in Thermal Purification Technologies Limited (TPTec), a clean-tech company owning the patent for Low Temperature Distillation (LTDis). among other innovative solutions. LTDis is the next generation desalination and water purification technology capable of treating even high saline and/or polluted water in an efficient and robust manner.. Metito will exclusively introduce, and help develop, LTDis in markets across Asia and Africa, where the feasibility of desalination and the resources required for water and wastewater purification continues to be a challenge.

The LTDis technology provides wide-ranging advantages to emerging markets ensuring sustainable and advanced benefits over existing desalination and other water purification technologies, including increased cost saving elements. Bassem Halabi, Metito Group Business Development Director, said: “Metito is an advocate for safe, clean and sustainable technologies and our investment in TPTec is absolutely in line with our vision and strategy to provide technologically advanced and innovative water and wastewater solutions to emerging markets. LTDis has the potential to redefine the practice of thermal desalination as it not only offers advanced benefits over existing thermal and membrane technologies, but it also provides significant energy and cost savings compared to other technologies.”

Mark Lehmann, CTO, TPTec added “TPTec uses advanced thermodynamics and waste heat stream(s), in order to produce pure water in a clean, efficient and robust process. TPTec looks forward to working with Metito, with their extensive experience and resources in the water industry, to fully explore the potential of this, among other, innovative technology”.

The eco-friendly, cost-effective thermal process is based on the principle of low temperature distillation and is considered to be the future of desalination. The technology is simple to integrate and highly efficient with low operating and maintenance costs making it a clear choice to achieve significant savings in the medium-long run. The technology can also be retrofitted to existing plants to optimise processes, without incurring huge investments.

Although LTDis can be used in conjunction with other technologies, Metito believes it will quickly become the leading go-to thermal solution, in time swapping places with the current RO and thermal desalination technologies.

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Countries around the globe face an increasingly wide array of challenges with regards to managing their water resources. Increasing demand for water, increasing demographic pressure, urban growth, dwindling natural resources, increasing industrial activities and climate change are all upsetting the environmental natural balance and the living conditions of people around the world.

Given the complexity of these issues, our everyday challenge is to continue providing creative and sustainable water management and treatment solutions that can reconcile this ever growing demand with the existing, available, natural resources in a manner that can stand the test of time. This is the very reason why Metito exists, and it is indeed our clearly drafted mission and commitment towards a sustainable environment.

Metito is in a business that addresses a basic and  endless human need, which can only grow stronger as nations around the world strive to develop and emerge.

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