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Building an AquaTower in Quezon, Philippines

Two billion people in the world still lack access to safely managed water, and among them, almost a billion people can not access even basic drinking water services. (Source: World bank)

In October 2023, Metito rejoined forces with Planet Water Foundation to deploy an AquaTower in Quezon Province, Philippines. The Aqua Tower will provide rural schools and communities access to clean, safe drinking water, handwashing, and sanitization infrastructure. This tower produces 1,000 liters/ hour and capable of supporting the daily drinking water requirements of up to 1800 people. With the mission to provide clean water and to teach the importance of hygiene, our passionate volunteers supported the assembly of Aqua Tower and delivered an awareness session to students.

Metito has been actively collaborating with the Planet Water Foundation since 2018, and this partnership is another contribution to the company’s ESG agenda and in line with Metito’s commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Visit from Ashoka Business School

As part of our corporate social responsibility, Metito hosted a delegation of 41 Students and teachers from Ashoka Business School – India at the Dubai Investments Park (DIP) project site to raise awareness about the pressing issue of water scarcity and discuss wastewater recycling and reuse. The visit was organized by the Wheel of Innovation Committee – India.

The visit started with an introductory presentation to educate the students about the challenges associated with water scarcity and the lack of access to clean and safe drinking water which are prevalent in many parts of the world, the students were then escorted to a tour of the facilities. The presentation covered the latest trends and statistics on freshwater availability, water scarcity, water demand, and how water recycling and reuse can support tightening the gap between the supply and demand of water.  During the Q&A session, the students expressed great interest in the water sector, and many shared their concerns, particularly about sludge disposal, its impact on the environment, and the need for more initiatives to promote the recycling and reuse of water.  The tour of the facilities explained the step-by-step procedure to produce high-quality water output using environmentally friendly processes and technology.

The students and teachers were welcomed by Mohamed Hamdy, Metito SPC Manager – Operations, Gems Evardo, Metito Corporate Communication Coordinator, and other representatives from Metito’s DIP plant.

Metito Chemicals team conducts a technical training in Indorama, Nigeria facilities

Metito Chemical team’s commitment to sharing their industry expertise with stakeholders was on full display during their recent technical training at Indorama’s facilities in Nigeria. Led by Metito Sales Manager for Africa Antonio Varone and Metito Senior Technical Consultant Surjeet Kumar, the interactive training session focused on the Metito chemicals treatment program for cooling towers. Attendees from Indorama’s technical team, including those from olefine and fertilizer plants, were impressed with the benefits and post-treatment results highlighted during the presentation. One of the standouts results was the improvement in the cycle concentration (CoC) of the cooling tower, which increased from 3.6 to 4. This increase was translated into a significant reduction in water discharged to the effluent treatment plant, saving approximately 495,366.42 m3/year- a volume equivalent to 198 Olympic sized swimming pools! Metito Chemicals team expertise helped Indorama achieve this impressive outcome and demonstrated the value of their treatment program.

Indorama, headquartered in Singapore, manufactures many products, including nitrogen fertilizers, phosphate fertilizers, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, textiles, cotton fiber, and medical gloves. Indorama Nigeria facility is the third largest urea producer in the world, and at the completion of the on-going construction to expand their plant capacity, it will be the largest.

The training session was a clear example of Metito Chemical’s dedication to driving innovation and supporting sustainable practices in the industry!

Metito Fitness Challenge – 10,000 Daily Steps

As part of Metito’s efforts to promote a healthy lifestyle, the Metito Fitness Challenge “Count Your Steps” was launched. The objective was to encourage all employees to take at least 10,000 steps a day, promoting physical activity and improving overall health and well-being. The challenge ran for one month (22 Feb – 22 March 2023), during which employees were asked to track their steps using fitness tracking devices or mobile apps. The results were outstanding with the participation of 172 employees, 124 of which achieved the daily target and on overall staggering 36,374,044 steps taken.

“Fun Fact: The circumference of the Earth at the equator is approximately 24,901 miles and taking 36 million steps can cover a distance of around 17,280 miles – this is almost 70% of the distance around the world at the equator.”

One of the key factors contributing to the success of this challenge was the enthusiasm and engagement of the employees, with many of them sharing their feedback and how they felt more energized, less stressed, and more focused as they attempted to balance work/life balance to complete their daily targets.