In an operation and maintenance contract, management, operation and the rehabilitation of downstream assets, distribution networks, and house service connections are all managed by Metito Utilities. The company provides client support in monitoring and following up on such work ensuring full integration of new works within the existing network. MUL also ensures that all new assets are properly recorded in the client’s inventory. The company utilizes state of the art digitalized mapping, computerized models, and asset management systems to optimize operational performance, ensuring service continuity, and minimizing interruptions.

Special attention is given to works that may interfere with the continuity of water supply, assuring that interruptions are limited to the minimum necessary and that the distributed water quality is not affected by these disturbances.


These services focus on enhancing existing processes, procedures, resources, collection and bad debt management. This is achieved by either undertaking the full scope of responsibility on behalf of the client, or by providing management support to the existing team.

By managing customer service, billing, and collection management, Metito Utilities conducts an assessment of the existing processes, procedures, resources (tools and systems), hardware and software dedicated to billing, collection, bad debt management practices, human capital allocated to customer relationship, revenue stream management.

Following which, a commercial management plan is set to outline necessary improvements to inventory, procedures, consumption metering, tariff structure amongst others. MUL then manages the implementation of the plan involving and training the client’s staff, based on the strengths and weaknesses identified during the revision of human capital skills.


The optimization of downstream networks (by tackling both technical and commercial losses) ensures unaccounted for water is kept at a minimum, thus allowing for efficient management of existing water resources, and generating significant savings to the client. MUL provides NRW reduction services through short term management programs or longer term performance based contracts.

MUL’s approach to a NRW reduction program is based on three main vectors: strict diagnosis of the state of the water supply system and water loss (real and apparent); definition of the adequate strategy; plan of activities to develop a rigor implementation.

A NRW reduction program is prepared to achieve the following, commonly sought after objectives:

  • Cost optimization in the following areas; intake and water treatment, energy consumption, maintenance of the systems, operational management.
  • Protection of water resources and the surrounding environment through the reduction of real water losses, rational use and reduced water waste, reduction of the environmental impact of works to expand storage and treatment of water.
  • Increasing collection turnover by improving the metering accuracy.
  • Decreasing the amount of illegal/fraudulent connections.

During the diagnosis stage, several opportunities for improvement may be identified that forms the basis of the strategy, recommended methodologies and procedures. MUL offers the following services to apply the agreed on strategy: planning and monitoring, planning and implementation, management of the water supply system to ensure a reduction of consistent losses over the years of the project implementation. In this last option, a better performance of the water supply system can be obtained through the effective management of tasks and the respective resources.

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