Our Mission

Metito commits to a sustainable environment through providing effective water management and treatment systems that can reconcile the ever growing demand for water and its dwindling natural resources.

Our Vision

To be the provider of choice for total, intelligent water management solutions in the emerging markets.

Our Values

Customer Focus

Every employee is customer satisfaction driven. We commit to provide our clients with value-added products and services and to achieve high returns on investments for our shareholders; we further strive to exceed their expectations and keep them continuously informed through personable, honest and open communications.

People Focus

Our employees are our most valuable asset; we recognise their needs and professional aspirations and make every effort to provide them with relevant training and opportunities to empower them to achieve their goals, and in turn support our mission by their high quality performance and refined service. The health and safety of our employees is also paramount to our organisation and we commit to continually improve their standards.


We commit to deliver quality services and products that are in line with our customers’ needs, and to maintain World Class performance in all our business undertakings. This is founded on the highest standards of customer service, uncompromised ethics and environmental consciousness. Our quality systems ensure that we do this right the first time, every time.


Metito is a responsible corporate citizen that aims to implement sustainable practices throughout its businesses. Our commitment to sustain the environment is achieved fundamentally through being an integral player in an industry with a mission to meet the world’s water demands and to preserve its resources. Stemming from our People Focus, we also aim to invest in and develop human elements to help provide a sustainable pool of talents to the communities we work with.


We lead with integrity, refined expertise and creativity, both as individuals within an organisation and as an organisation operating in local and global markets. Our tried leadership approach demands leading by example and influencing others to do likewise and with this, accountability becomes a guaranteed bi-product.

Collaboration, Team Work & Passion

We believe in, and encourage teamwork, as it creates a sustainable flow of information and knowledge sharing that helps benchmark our work, enables us to better our performance and leverage our collective knowhow and refined skills. Our passion and belief in what we do, complement this spirit and take us that extra mile that helps Metito stand out, further, from its competitors.

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