With a unique shareholder makeup, formidable financial capability and a hands-on industry experience, Metito Utilities has an inimitable business offering. The company specialises in Greenfield and Brownfield water projects and strategic equity acquisitions.


Metito Utilities has extensive experience in developing new operational water assets from the ground up under BOT, BOO, Full Concessions and PPP models. With sound financial capability and an appetite for investing in water assets, Metito Utilities plans, designs, sets up, builds, and operates world-class water facilities.

BOT & PPP Investments

With strong shareholders, Metito Utilities or its Consortium can draw on their own equity supplemented with bank debt to take responsibility for the complete financial requirements of projects it undertakes. Metito plays a leading role in project development guiding the project through financial close and ultimately successful commercial operation. Under these projects, the company oversees all assets including; design, construction and commissioning activities. Example Projects:

  • Nanchang Qingshanhu BOT Wastewater Treatment Plant, Nanchang-China
  • Dubai Investment Park Full Concession Wastewater Treatment Plant, Dubai-UAE
Full Concessions

Moving further down the value chain, Metito Utilities reinforces its leading position as a complete provider of water utilities by offering a total solution to its clients, beyond the scope of treatment. With Full Concessions, Metito offers a wide spectrum of services to its end users that not only include the provision of water supply or wastewater treatment, but also the responsibility of operating and managing water distribution and sewage collection networks, including billing and collection of individual end users and customer service. Example Projects:

  • Nabq Bay BOO Seawater Reverse Osmosis Plant, Sharm El Sheikh- Egypt


Brownfield Projects Metito Utilities’ highly skilled experts are equipped with forward-looking management techniques and a proven track record in improving operational efficiency and optimizing existing resource structure. Our experts are able to assess existing water assets, recommend world-class solutions and execute scalable project expansions or revamps, or simply service an existing facility under a long-term contract.

Under this scheme and with the support of Metito Utilities, capital resources and extensive experience, the company also acquires and operates existing water and wastewater assets via a Take-Over, Operate & Transfer (TOT) business model against pre-set Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) on behalf of its client. Such projects usually have a concession period of 20 to 30 years and are characterised by minimal capital investment from the client side and a long term, steady flow of income as compared to the traditional EPC projects.

Example projects:

  • Hefei Wangxiaoying TOT Sewage Treatment Plant, Hefei-China


Metito Utilities has successfully undertaken strategic equity acquisitions to expand its global presence and leading market share. Through such transactions, the company is able to expand its global presence and accelerate its growth into emerging and pan emerging markets with support from local talents who are better aligned with local cultures, legal frameworks and market gaps.

Metito Utilities acquired 51% stake in Berlinwasser China Holdings (BCH) from original shareholders Berlinwasser International in 2008. At this time, BCH only had 2 running concessions.

In 2011, Metito Utilities acquired the remainder of the shares for BCH to become 100% owned subsidiary of Metito Utilities. BCH now owns 11 concessions and long term O&M contracts in China serving the cities of Nanchang (3.9 million inhabitants) and Hefei (4.9 million inhabitants) via BOT and TOT business models respectively. Moreover, BCH serves Panjin city (with over 1.24 million customers) with a large wastewater treatment plant and a world-class O&M team.

The company currently manages a total installed capacity exceeding 1 million m3/day in its China concessions alone.


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