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This page describes the legal terms and conditions that apply to all internet users visiting the Metito website or those of its subsidiaries. These conditions may be modified at any time without notice, we therefore urge you to consult them regularly.

1- Nature of the Information Supplied

Metito (referred to hereafter as “the Metito Group”) have created the website to provide information to its users. The Metito Group endeavors to ensure that the information published on the website is accurate and up-to-date. It reserves the right to alter the content of the website at any time and without prior notice. However, the Metito Group cannot guarantee that the information published on the website will always be accurate, up-date or exhaustive. Every internet user fully accepts the risks involved in assigning credibility to this information.

The components of the website are provided “as is” without any implicit or explicit guarantee. The Metito Group gives no guarantee whatsoever, be it implicitly or explicit, relating to their value or appropriateness for a given purpose.

The Metito Group categorically rejects any interpretation that could liken any of the content of the website to a bid or an incitement to acquire the shares or other securities, listed or otherwise, of Metito, of any of its direct or indirect subsidiaries or of its affiliated companies.

2- Intellectual Property

2.1 – Copyright All information that appears on the website (documents contained on the site as well as all the components created for the site) are the property of Metito and are subject to copyright laws as soon as they are placed on the website for public use. Copies of documents contained on the website may be made for reference purposes only and solely for single and strictly private use. No licenses, or any rights other than the right to consult the website, will be granted to anyone with regard to intellectual property rights. The reproduction of documents on the website is permitted for reference purposes only and for private and personal use: any reproduction or use of a copy for other purposes is strictly prohibited.

2.2 – Distinctive signs Unless otherwise specified, registered company names, logos, products and brands mentioned on the website are the property of Metito. They may not be used without prior written authorisation from Metito.

3- Personal and other information

The website is not intended to receive confidential information from you. As a result, all information, whatever form it is in – document, data, graphic, question, suggestion, concept, remark, or other -, that you provide via the website will on no account be treated as confidential. Simply by sending information, you authorise us to use, reproduce, publish, modify or communicate it for the purpose of carrying out your request.

4- Hyperlinks/External Links

The Metito Group categorically declines all responsibility for the contents of other websites. Also, as part of the content, we may provide links to other websites.  However, we are not responsible for the privacy practices employed by those websites or the information or content they contain.  This Privacy Policy applies solely to information that collected by us through the website. Therefore, this Privacy Policy does not apply to your use of a third party website accessed by selecting a link on our website.  We encourage you to read the privacy statements of other websites before proceeding to use them.

5- Publisher of the Website


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6- Questions or Suggestions/Contact Us If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy or the practices of this website, please contact us by sending an email to Last Updated: This Privacy Policy was last updated on April, 2015.

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