Real-time water contamination detection and quality monitoring now available in GCC and key markets in Asia and Africa

Real-time water contamination detection and quality monitoring now available in GCC and key markets in Asia and Africa

  • EventLab, a patented cutting edge technology based on refractive index measurements, provides real-time water quality monitoring for the full spectrum of chemical contaminants with a single sensor, designed for both standalone and networked infrastructure  

Dubai, UAE, 24 November 2016 – Metito and Optiqua Technologies today announced their collaboration to bring Optiqua’s intelligent water quality monitoring  solutions, Eventlab and Minilab, to the GCC and other key markets in Asia and Africa. Both products provide unique benefits over traditional sensor technologies and are  based on Optiq ua’s patented and awarded optical sensor platform.

EventLab is a real time continuous monitoring solution that strongly outperforms any traditional sensor technology for the purpose of overall water quality monitoring and contamination detection. It has a wide range of applications including the monitoring of water quality at treatment plants, monitoring of water quality in distribution networks and monitoring the water quality at intake points/ surface water monitoring. EventLab is currently being used by reputable utilities all over the world, and with Metito this solution will not be available and implemented in a variety of applications in the GCC and other key markets.

Metito and Optiqua’s collaboration will also introduce and deploy MiniLab, a compact sensing platform that provides user- friendly and cost-effective analysis of contaminants in various matrices for both lab and field applications. The MiniLab system addresses the increasing demand for sensitive and fast analysis of samples and the need to identify and quantify target analyses within a fast turnaround time, in this case approximately 15 minutes. The system has a range of applications such as; environmental/ pollution monitoring for industrial waste, monitoring of algae toxins or as a rapid screening tool for water security  incidents.

Metito, a leading global provider of intelligent water management solutions, has been actively scouting for and investing in new technologies and startup companies to continue providing Emerging Markets across the globe, top of the line sustainable solutions and systems. Having real-time monitoring at the precision of EventLab is crucial to any utilities’ provider because it will simply enable prompt and efficient on-site identification and prompt responses to unexpected – sometimes unknown pollutants- and to perform qualitative and quantitative laboratory analysis of the pollutants with speed. The safety, security and financial returns from such an innovative and cost efficient solution are monumental.

Melchior van Wijlen, Managing Director Optiqua said, ‘We are very excited to have the opportunity to work together with such a  reputable company as Metito, and be part of the state of the art solutions that Metito offers to its global clients. This collaboration is a strong international recognition of our technology and monitoring solutions and Metito’s leading market position and expertise will introduce Optiqua to a large community of new clients in new markets and help implement the solutions in a variety of applications and projects’.


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About Metito

Metito is the leader and provider of choice for total intelligent water management solutions in the emerging markets with operations covering three business areas: design and build, specialty chemicals, and utilities. With over 58 years of experience, the group provides customized, comprehensive and advanced solutions across the full spectrum of its industry; from clean to dirty water; desalination and re-use; industrial solutions (up to hyper pure water); investing into water and wastewater assets; and structuring both Greenfield and Brownfield schemes under project finance structures.

With a mission to sustain the world’s water resources, Metito provides effective water management and treatment systems that can reconcile the ever growing water demand and the dwindling natural resources. Committed to a cleaner environment, Metito endeavours to utilise its world-class global knowhow to provide millions of people across the globe access to clean and safe water.

Metito is at the forefront of the water and wastewater industry with an impressive project portfolio that includes more than 3000 projects in in more than 45 countries worldwide through its strategically located operational offices and over 2500 experienced and talented employees.

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 About Optiqua 

Optiqua Technologies develops innovative water quality monitoring solutions. All Optiqua products leverage patented and awarded lab- on-chip sensor technology. Applications of Optiqua’s products include real-time online monitoring of drinking water supply and distribution, protection of critical infrastructures and the rapid detection of specific substances in water samples. Based in the Netherlands and Singapore, Optiqua helps water companies around the world safeguard the quality of their drinking water supply.

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