With being a fundamentally engineering company, Metito Chemicals utilises the vast experience and knowhow of the company’s experts to come up with equipment solutions that would optimise operations and elevate the effectiveness of its bespoke chemical products.

Following is Metito’s portfolio of equipment solutions:

Pre-Treatment Systems

Metito designs, supplies and installs a full line of pre-treatment systems that includes; softeners, de-alkalisation, de-mineralisation and reverse osmosis systems. Metito is a supplier of an extensive range of dosing equipment for applications such as boiler water treatment, cooling water systems, chillers water systems, domestic water, reverse osmosis systems and swimming pools.

Dosing and Control Systems

Metito’s dosing and control equipment ensures that steam boilers and cooling towers continue running safely and efficiently. In addition to the packaged chemical dosing systems we supply a range of water treatment dosing pumps and spares (e.g. timer, water-meter signal or other external input options). There are different types of controllers for boilers, cooling towers, closed systems, swimming pools and other applications. These controllers are capable of managing conductivity, pH, ORP, halogen levels, inhibitor levels, blowdown timing and solenoids and may also monitor many other important parameters such as chemical levels and water meters inputs. Metito has also introduced the highest specification of biofouling and corrosion corrator monitors to ensure that the solutions offered by the company are based on real operational results to enable us to better quantify the service we provide. Furthermore, Metito supplies ancillary equipment such as level probes, control probes, water meters, solenoid valves and all the fittings associated with such items.

Metito 4

Metito 4 is our new chemicals platform bringing together a wealth of state-of-the-art features. A combination of chemistry, equipment, software and communications technology are joined together to give market leading control. This technology is not restricted to our products; the corrosion and biofilm monitors are chosen based on market-leading, award-winning technology. Systems are not restricted to one system per controller and the system architecture is open allowing use of chemicals from all suppliers, thus removing the link to proprietary products as with other market offerings. The system is available for boilers, cooling systems, closed systems and RO processes where our MetRO communications package brings real-time normalisation data and graphical representation to life. A summary of features includes:

  • On-line, web-based summary of account status
  • Process values continuously updated including past 24 hour/min, max and average values
  • Alarm status
  • One-click to any device in the field for full view and reconfiguration
  • Analysis, troubleshooting, adjustments
  • Seamlessly organise devices according to a process(es), facility, customer, etc.
  • User “access” and “permissions” management
  • Eliminates surprises during ‘routine’ visits

Monitoring & Control is focused on real-time operational parameters including biofilm levels, general/pitting corrosion rates and scaling measurement on top of normal probe measurements and timers from traditional systems. Connectivity can be Ethernet, WIFI, Mobile-enabled controller with full alarm/reporting capability. This then links to the Metito Customer Portal where results and reports can be accessed remotely for all customer sites with full password security options.

Analytical Equipment/Services

Water testing plays a vital role in the treatment of various systems. Metito Chemicals provide quick and accurate water test results both on-site and in our dedicated laboratory, which is equipped with state of the art equipment to conduct all chemical, physical and microbiological analysis. We complement this with full, accredited laboratory analysis services and microbiological services to include legionella pneumophila analysis. Also offered is an extensive range of professional water test kits, chemical reagents, spectrophotometers and dipslides which are all suitable for the microbiological monitoring of cooling water systems, natural waters, wastewaters and industrial effluents. Our range of high performance products have been developed to allow facility managers, engineers, environmental health specialists and water treatment professionals to perform a range of important water quality analysis procedures quickly and accurately.

Polymer Systems

Whether converting digested sludge to a cake in a wastewater process or performing coagulation prior to sedimentation at a water treatment plant, Metito has the right polymer feed solution to fit the purpose. The systems we offer provide complete polymer activation, resulting in maximised process efficiency & lower operational costs.

Disinfection Technologies

Metito is one of the leading chlorination system manufacturers in the Middle East offering high quality chlorinators and a complete line of water chlorination systems that encompass all major technologies. The company provides full system support to equipment (chlorinators) installation and after sales service. The Mach 4 is a state-of-the-art chlorinator that uses the latest technology to provide the best value for money and designed for use with common chlorine cylinders and drums. It can be used indoors or outdoors under cover. Metito also supplies a wide range of ozone generators for commercial, residential and industrial water treatment purposes. Ozone is being utilised in a variety of other applications ranging from treating swimming pool water to food processing water and bottling applications. The high quality UV water systems disinfection is yet another solution for an ever growing range of water treatment applications.


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